Tough Questions: Why Isn’t the Bible in the Fiction Section?

Working on a college campus you come across lots of tough questions from students and professors about faith in God.  So, I am beginning a series called “Tough Questions”.

These are just little snapshots of some of the questions that have been raised on campus.  I invite you, the readers, to comment on these.  How might you respond?

So, without further ado, here is tough question number one:

“How can you believe in a story about adam and eve talking to a serpent and eating this magical fruit that makes everything go bad…Why isnt the Bible in the fiction section??”



2 thoughts on “Tough Questions: Why Isn’t the Bible in the Fiction Section?

  1. Jennifer Burns says:

    I think it’s a great question. I’d say it’s not fiction in the way we mean fiction today. It’s a myriad of amazing and complex genres all in one book! Poetry, Preaching, Narrative, Fable, History, and more! Our modern understanding of “fact” and “history” is nothing like what the Biblical authors understood history to be…but the Bible certainly isn’t fabricated simply for the purpose of entertainment as our “fiction” would be. The Bible offers some kind of Godly truth. It is our job to wrestle with God and with each other to understand that truth…you may discover as I do, that it is much more powerful than any kind of “fact” we see in modern history books….those are my initial thoughts

  2. Alex Hughes says:

    It’s not in the fiction section because it’s not fiction, it’s a collection of historical documents. Even if you believe all the stories within it to be complete fabrications, it still wouldn’t be fiction because it’s a religious, historical text. Like a collection of Greek myths. Perhaps the stories in it aren’t true, but the stories are authentic.

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