Waiting with a Purpose

During one of my recent Quiet Times I decided to spend some time reading from Acts.  Our InterVarsity chapter had been studying this book at Chapter FOCUS Week and I thought it might be a good idea to reflect on some of those lessons.  One of the things that strikes me about this chapter is how weird it is.  After Jesus ascends into heaven the rest of the chapter is about…well…waiting.  Why would Luke include some of these mundane details in this book?  It is tempting to jump over this section and dive right into chapter 2.  After all, that is where all the action is!!!  Pentecost happens, the Holy Spirit comes, and the young church is off to the races.
However, I think there is a very important reason that Luke writes about this time of waiting with such detail.  Notice the two things that the church leaders do:
  1. They dedicate themselves to prayer as they wait for the Lord to act (v.14)
  2. They select someone to join them in the work that is to come, filling the spot which Judas abandoned (vv.23-26)

What we see here is that though they are waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit, they are not being idle.  Rather, they are preparing themselves for the ministry that is to come through prayer, fellowship, and leadership development.

Sometimes in campus ministry it is tempting to view the summer as a break from our Christian walk.  But what we see here is that God calls us to view these down times as times of preparation.  Like the early apostles, we are called to remain in relationship with God and fellowship with other believers.  Furthermore, we are to seek God’s will through active prayer and meditation upon his Word.

Maybe you are also in a time of waiting this summer.  If so, I would encourage you to make this a season of patient expectation.  Spend some time reflecting on the question, “How can this chapter of my life be a time of waiting on the Lord?”  Furthermore, think about the ministry that God might be preparing you for and take some time to dedicate it to God in prayer, asking him for guidance as well as for growth.  It is my prayer that this time of waiting will be one that is life-giving and a season of preparation for what lies ahead


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