My First Church Nightmare


Well, it’s official.  After six months of working at Trinity, I’ve finally had my first church nightmare.  It was the most bizarre experience ever.  So…I thought I would recount it here for fun:)

Here it goes…

I was leading one of our traditional services.  And yet, the whole thing was a mess.  People in the congregation kept getting up and just walking around and talking.  There were people walking all over the altar area, up and down the aisles, through the pews.  They were treating the sanctuary like it was some kind of tourist attraction, laughing and pointing at things; talking loudly and taking pictures.  And the more I tried to get things under control, the worse it got.

30 minutes passed and we still hadn’t gotten through the prayer of invocation.  I was fed up and angry.  Finally I just said, “I give up.  Leave!  Everybody, just go!  I’m done with this.”  At that point, everybody stopped and looked confused.  Eventually one person turned to me and said, “Well…could we at least have communion?”  In exasperation I threw up my hands and said, “No!  No you can’t!”  “But it’s important,” he replied.  “Alright, ” I responded, “But then you all have to leave.”

And that’s it.  That was the end of my dream.

Okay, so it’s not really a nightmare on the scale of other nightmares I’ve had, but it was definitely my first dream about “work”.  So what does it mean?  Well, I have my theories, but I thought I would toss this one out to you all first.  Sound off on the comments below and offer up your “interpretation” or on my Facebook page😉

Sweet dreams…

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