Let’s Do The Time Warp…

WARNING:  The following post is rated “Snarky” and may be inappropriate for people without a sense of humor.

I’m at orientation for Concordia Seminary and have realized while being here that I have entered a kind of time warp.  You see, they require different kinds of attire for various events during orientation and I’m realizing just how much of a language/learning gap I have.

When they say “church attire” I think this…


But what they mean is this…



Likewise, when they say “professional dress” I think this…



But what they mean is this…



Go figure…

*For the record I am wearing a suit and tie as I write this while the other guys are in slacks and polo shirts….oops…


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Time Warp…

  1. LOL! Needed that today!

  2. revschulz says:

    OK – that was even better than you described it would be…

  3. marge franzen says:

    Been there…thanks for the chuckle.

  4. bob skinner says:

    Hey Nick, I have a real kool sportcoat from the 70’s you can borrow! On second thought, stay current and be the real you! God is going to bless you, BIG TIME! Love, Bob & Liz S.

  5. Bob – I may take you up on that :p Thanks for the encouragement.

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