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Advent Devotion: Welcomed Rejects

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic

Pashtun shepherds watch over their sheep. Photo Courtesy of National Geographic

This past weekend we had the chance to watch our kids perform in our church’s Christmas pageant.  It was fun to watch the children dress up in their Christmas best with other kids dressed as angels, wisemen, and shepherds.  In fact, if you’ve spent any time around the church, you are probably pretty familiar with these images.  For myself, the image of the Nativity has become a pretty standard Christmas image, with Mary and Joseph kneeling near the Christ child, with handsome looking shepherds, cuddly lambs, and wisemen looking on in reverence.

However, as I have thought about this story some more, something really stands out to me.  In most, if not all, of these Nativity images the people included all look pretty good.  The shepherds are well dressed and clean.  Mary and Joseph’s robes are neatly pressed and colorful.  Even newborn Jesus looks like he popped out of the womb with a full head of hair looking like a three-year-old.  And this has really forced me to ask the question, “Who is Christmas for?  Is it for the cleaned up and presentable?”

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Advent Devotion: Joseph’s Quiet Faith


One of the things that I heard a lot growing up was the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.”  This was taught in my elementary school and reinforced in the home, so much so that it is something I now teach to my own children.  Actions have an incredible way of telling us more about a person and his/her character than words ever could.

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An Advent-shaped Faith


This is a re-post of my inaugural piece on the Sojourners website.  You can visit the piece here.

Well, I’ve finally given in.  It’s November 19th and I’ve decided to start listening to Christmas music.  While this might not seem radical in a culture that starts decorating stores before Halloween, for me this is a big deal.  You see, I’m one of those stubborn holdouts.  In the past I have refused to decorate my house, listen to holiday tunes, or do anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because I like having the holidays separated.  I want to be able to enjoy Halloween.  I want to savor Thanksgiving.  And I don’t want to be rushed into Christmas!!!

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Advent Reflection: Happy St. Nicholas Day


One of the things that Jenny and I have struggled with is how to help our kids understand all of the noise and commotion around Santa Claus.  Before having kids we both agreed that we wanted Christmas to be about one person:  Jesus.  As such, we made the decision to not introduce our kids to the concept of Santa.  However, with so much attention directed toward Santa Claus and gifts during the Christmas season we knew that this would be a difficult task.  So, we decided that it would be better to introduce them to some of the original stories behind the Christmas icon.  And this led us to St. Nicholas.

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