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Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion


Recent studies are showing that there are a growing number of people in the United States who, when asked about their religious identity, are classifying themselves as “None”.  In light of this growing trend National Public Radio has begun a series entitled “Losing Our Religion” in which several young people who classify themselves as “Nones” share their stories about losing faith or becoming disenchanted with organized religion.

I’ll be honest, listening to these stories was heart breaking.  It reminded me of something that David Kinnaman once said in a talk he was giving:

Today’s young people live in an increasingly complex world.  They want complex answers to complex questions.  And honestly, we as the church are failing them.

Much of what these young people shared was how their churches and religious communities never helped them find meaningful answers to their deepest questions.  Their stories were stories of heartbreak and disillusionment.

As hard as it was for me, as a pastor, to listen to these stories, I was really glad I did.  The truth is, when stories like this go up many evangelical Christians tune out; writing them off as another example of liberal bias in the media and as indicative of the press’s oppositional stance toward religion.  I think this is a sad trend.  We need to listen to these voices.  We need to hear other perspectives.

So, I wanted to ask a question to those of you who have found yourselves turned off by the church:  what caused you to lose your religion?  What is your story?  I genuinely want to hear them and will not judge what you share.

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